Monday, May 12, 2008

The Field Search

This is one of those 'fan-girl squee moments' - yes, even someone my age can have one. In the recently released trailer my car is visible on the side of the road. It tickles me, because Belle and I, (she was with me that day), didn't take a single picture. So, in a round about way, we do have a picture! If you look very closely - yes, grab a magnifying lens -  my car can be seen. Follow the line up of FBI vehicles, go past the large space, and voilĂ , there I am, black car behind the trees. 


Sandra said...

I can't believe it, Penelope! Your car stars in the XF movie!
It's great to read about your experience and visit the locations thru your eyes.
Keep em coming!

Penny Lope said...

I couldn't believe it myself. You just can't blink, or you'll miss it. lol We were out of the car at one point, but I think they may have been taking a break at the point.

Anonymous said...

haha brilliant!! This humors me to no end!